Emma's Charity - The Papworth Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Unit.

UK Buell Enthusiasts Group visit to Papworth Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Unit, Sunday 19th March 2017.

This page last updated 01-06-18:


Em's Day 2018, held on Monday 28th May, raised £766.00. This has been added to the amount raised 'offline'. UKBEG events etc. have now raised £27,976.85

The overall total raised now stands at £87,060.75.

New JustGiving page for Emma’s Charity: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ukbeg



Change to Emma's Charity 23-01-18.

Emma's original JustGiving webpage last printout.


Emma's original webpage on JustGiving was closed on the 23rd January 2018. 

Gunter Baumann will redirect ECMSpy activation fees to this charity: http://www.togetherforshortlives.org.uk/ 

At the closing of the original JustGiving webpage, ECMSpy activation fees had raised £59,083.90 and £27,210.85 had been raised by UKBEG events etc.

As of 23-01-18 the total raised for the Papworth Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Unit by UKBEG since Emma passed away on 22-04-04 was £86,294.75. This figure included £954.75 Gift Aid.