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Breva 1100, 14 years old and 95,000 miles.

26th August 2019. Only 5,000 miles to go....

27th August 2019.

Breva 1100, owned from new, bought 27th August 2005, 14 years old today.

Mileage to date 95,077. It has proved to be an outstanding machine with no major problems. Routine servicing and regular use, including many visits to Mandello and tours all over mainland Europe, have helped to keep it running reliably. The finish has held up very well, with no major corrosion issues.

25th August 2019. Howden, Yorkshire.

V85TT First Impressions.

Saturday 13th July 2019.

We attended the world launch of the new Moto Guzzi V85TT in September 2018 at the factory in Mandello del Lario. First impressions were very good. The V85TT’s specifications and overall dimensions ticked every box and it looked stunning, especially in the two-tone colour scheme with a red frame.

When the new model became available in the UK a test ride was booked at Teasdale Motorcycles in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. That test ride confirmed the V85TT was everything I thought it would be. The large enduro style seat is very comfortable and the relationship between the wide bars and footrests is spot on. It’s quite tall with a seat height of 830mm. I’m 6ft 3” and the whole machine fitted me like the proverbial glove.

I absolutely loved it and decided to buy one later this year. Then fate stepped in and we bought one earlier than expected….

The V85TT we collected on Saturday 13th July from Cobb & Jagger Ducati/Triumph in Shipley had been traded in for a Ducati. It was first registered on the 6th June and had only covered 223 miles in the 3 weeks the original owner had it. We saved £900 on list price and we had what was effectively a new motorcycle without a mark on it. I don’t think any V85TT’s have appeared on the second-hand market yet. We were very lucky to hear, completely by chance, about the one we’ve bought before it was advertised on the Cobb & Jagger website. Timing is everything.

It's been described as a premium quality machine and I would agree. Paintwork on the engine, frame and bodywork is thick and lustrous. There’s a host of neat design touches like the tapered handlebars, modern switches, alloy footrest plates, full LED lighting and easy to use digital TFT instrumentation. The clean, uncomplicated layout of the machine means it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep it looking good.

The V85TT is powered by an air-cooled, two-valve per-cylinder, 853cc, pushrod V-twin with shaft final drive. Claimed power and torque is 79 bhp @ 7750rpm with 80 Nm @ 5000rpm. The engine is unmistakably Moto Guzzi, and, in this platform, it works perfectly. During the running-in process it’s averaging 63mpg.

The first service is booked for the 13th August and I will write a second report after the running-in period has been completed.

Chris Jessop, 16th July 2019.

V85TT Production News.

Teo Lamers, Nijmegen.

17th July, news from our friends at Teo Lamers, Nijmegen.

Since its introduction in April over 3500 V85TT's were built in Mandello and the list of backorders is growing still. After a long wait and several deliveries, we're happy to receive all colour variations at once and have them in stock. Their website:

The factory is currently working overtime trying to fulfil existing orders. The new V85TT has been a great success for Moto Guzzi and orders have far exceeded their expectations.  

V85TT Touring.

Hepco & Becker Tank-Ring.

I was going to use my venerable 94,700-mile 2005 Breva 1100 for the upcoming European Tour in September but now that we have the V85TT, we thought we would equip the bike accordingly. Other than the Givi top boxes none of the luggage systems used on the Breva 1100 or the XB12X Ulysses are transferable.

We ordered a set of German made Hepco & Becker equipment for the V85TT. It’s readily available and better value when compared to the official Guzzi equipment. We’re very pleased with the quality, looks and fit.

The tank bag is their smallest but still useful 'Tourer M' model and doesn't interfere with the steering on full lock. The magnetic tank-ring mounting system is well thought out, secure and easy to use.

Aluminium panniers with inner bags are from their ‘Xplorer’ range with a 30-litre unit on the left and 40-litre on the right. The pannier frame is easy to install and, as you would expect, matches perfectly with the standard mounting points on the motorcycle.

Hopefully the pictures do the Hepco & Becker equipment justice. UK importer:

13th August: To complete the touring equipment package for our V85TT, we've bought the Moto Guzzi touring screen which provides 60% more protection. Teo Lamers in Nijmegen have supplied the screen. Their website:   

  • Tourer M Tank Bag.

  • Xplorer 30 Litre Case.

  • Xplorer 40 Litre Case.

  • Touring Screen.

  • Standard Screen.

  • Tourer M Tank Bag.

V85TT First Service, Tuesday 13th August.

First service completed @ Teasdale Motorcycles, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. I'm very pleased with their standard of workmanship and customer service. Centre stand fitted.  

Teasdale Motorcycles website: