UK Buell Enthusiasts Group European Tour 2019.

Wednesday 4th to Monday 23rd September 2019. 

The tour includes Buell and Moto Guzzi events plus visits to the Ducati, Ferrari & Lamborghini factories/museums.

Total mileage will be approx. 2,500, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Moto Guzzi Open House 2019, 6th to 8th September:  

This year’s 98th Anniversary event in Mandello del Lario will celebrate a series of models from the vast Moto Guzzi production. In honour of the newcomer V85TT, the theme chosen revolves around the Moto Guzzi endurance or off-road models from the TT series onwards.

A specific parking area will be dedicated to these models: V85TT, V35TT, V35NTX, V65TT, V65NTX, V75TT, V75NT, Baja, Quota and Stelvio. Special guest will be Claudio Torri, who rode various Guzzis in the Paris-Dakar during the 1980’s.

There’s going to be lots of live music at this year’s event and it all takes place on Friday and Saturday night in Mandello del Lario’s beautiful lakefront park. Details of this and additional news can be found here: 

Highlighted below in the itinerary, on Tuesday 10th September we visit Ducati and Lamborghini. On Wednesday 11th September we visit Ferrari in Modena and Marranello.     

European Buell Meeting, 21st & 22nd September: 


Tuesday night 3rd: Hull to Rotterdam.

Wednesday 4th: (240 miles) Halsenbach, Germany. (Via Nijmegen.  

Thursday 5th: (240 miles) Hochdorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Friday 6th: (230 miles) Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Saturday 7th: Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Sunday 8th: Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Monday 9th: (170 miles) Bologna, Italy.

Tuesday 10th: Bologna, Italy.

Visits to Ducati (AM)

and Lamborghini (PM)

Wednesday 11th: Bologna, Italy.

Visits to Ferrari in Modena and Marranello:

Thursday 12th: (150 miles) Ponte nellʼAlpi, Italy.

Friday 13th: Ponte nellʼAlpi, Italy. 

Saturday 14th: Ponte nellʼAlpi, Italy.

Sunday 15th: (130 miles) Mittersill, Austria.

Monday 16th: Mittersill, Austria.

Tuesday 17th: (200 miles) Moosbach, Germany.

Wednesday 18th: (220 miles) Blankenburg, Harz, Germany.

Thursday 19th: (160 miles) Bad Holzhausen, Germany. (Via Schwülper.

Friday 20th: (140 miles) Afferden, Netherlands.

Saturday 21st: Afferden, Netherlands.

Sunday night 22nd: (110 miles) Rotterdam to Hull.