UK Buell Enthusiasts Group European Tour 2019.


Wednesday 4th to Monday 23rd September 2019. 

The tour includes Buell and Moto Guzzi events plus visits to the Ducati, Ferrari & Lamborghini factories/museums.

Total mileage will be approx. 2,500, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

European Buell Meeting, 21st & 22nd September: 


Tuesday night 3rd: Hull to Rotterdam.

Wednesday 4th: (240 miles) Halsenbach, Germany. (Via Nijmegen.  

Thursday 5th: (240 miles) Hochdorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Friday 6th: (230 miles) Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Saturday 7th: Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Sunday 8th: Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Monday 9th: (170 miles) Bologna, Italy.

Tuesday 10th: Bologna, Italy.

Wednesday 11th: Bologna, Italy.

Thursday 12th: (150 miles) Ponte nellʼAlpi, Italy.

Friday 13th: Ponte nellʼAlpi, Italy. 

Saturday 14th: Ponte nellʼAlpi, Italy.

Sunday 15th: (130 miles) Mittersill, Austria.

Monday 16th: Mittersill, Austria.

Tuesday 17th: (200 miles) Moosbach, Germany.

Wednesday 18th: (220 miles) Blankenburg, Harz, Germany.

Thursday 19th: (160 miles) Bad Holzhausen, Germany. (Via Schwülper.

Friday 20th: (140 miles) Afferden, Netherlands.

Saturday 21st: Afferden, Netherlands.

Sunday night 22nd: (110 miles) Rotterdam to Hull.