European Tour 2019.

Wednesday 4th to Monday 23rd September 2019. 

This was one of the best European/Scandinavian tours we've ever undertaken; and we've done quite a few over the years. We were lucky to have such an extended period for this tour. This meant it was a relaxing break without the need for big mileages each day and we could plan some stunning routes off the beaten track.

The weather was simply fantastic. We couldn’t believe our luck. We went prepared for the worst and got the best! Except for a couple of hours of light rain one day in the first week, we enjoyed wall to wall sunshine and warm temperatures for the rest of the period. The Alps, especially the Dolomites, were breath-taking.

We visited the Ducati, Lamborghini and Ferrari museums as planned and the Moto Guzzi Open House event in Mandello was as good as ever. Over 30,000 enthusiasts attended the weekend event and we had a great time.

The Market Garden September 1944 75th Anniversary on the last weekend of the tour was an unplanned event that we attended. We didn’t realise it was taking place until we arrived in Afferden on the Friday night. We visited events in both Arnhem and Nijmegen. The Dutch put on a good show and made all the British visitors very welcome.

Total mileage worked out at 2,819 and both our Guzzis ran faultlessly. Being able to take the V85TT back to the factory in Mandello just six weeks after buying it was a bonus. Jane’s 2006 Breva 750 arrived back home with almost 127,000 miles showing.