2021 V7 European Cup Race Series.

On 22 May 2021, the third edition of the racing programme on the Moto Guzzi V7 III kicks off on the Varano track. And to celebrate the Centennial year of the Eagle, it expands to become the European Cup!

The race formula remains the widely appreciated fast endurance one. Six races in all for teams of two riders, with a duration of 90 minutes for the races in Vallelunga and Misano, and 60 minutes each for the double rounds in Varano and Magione.

Details: https://www.motoguzzi.com/it_IT/fast-endurance/ 


Varano 22nd/23rd May

Vallelunga 4th July

Magione 28th/29th August

Misano 10th October

Misano final round report, see Moto Guzzi The Clan (No video for this round)

2021 V7 European Cup, Stage 1 Varano.

2021 V7 European Cup, Stage 2 Vallelunga.

2021 V7 European Cup, Stage 3 Magione.