• Tuesday 15th March. Moto Guzzi 101st Anniversary.

  • Saturday 2nd April. Erik Buell 72nd Birthday.

    Born April 2, 1950, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Wednesday 6th April. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group 24th Anniversary.

UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Events.

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April thru September. Breakfast Meets. See: 2022 Breakfast Meets 

June 18th, Saturday. Buell/EBR Day. See: Buell/EBR Day 2022

July 9th, Saturday. Moto Guzzi Day. See: Moto Guzzi Day 2022 

August 13th, Saturday. Em's Day. See: Em's Day 2022

September 3rd to 17th. European Tour. See: European Tour 2022 

September 28th, Wednesday. Mosquito HJ711 Experience Day. See: Mosquito HJ711 Day 

  • Last Saturday in the month, April thru September.

  • Saturday 18th June.

  • Saturday 9th July.

  • Saturday 13th August.

  • September 3rd to 17th.

  • Wednesday 28th September.

2022 Moto Guzzi Experience Tours.

For details see: Moto Guzzi Experience: 2022

Five European destinations and two in northern Africa.

April 16th to 25th: Corsica and Sardinia
May 7th to 15th: Crete
May 27th to 30th: Tuscany
June 18th to 25th: Balkans
August 16th to September 11th: North Cape (Nordkapp)
October 15th to 24th: Tunisia
December 24th 2022 to January 8th 2023: Morocco

Other Events.


2022 Bennetts British Superbike Championship:

April 15th-17th - Silverstone National
April 30th-May 2nd - Oulton Park
May 20th-22nd - Donington Park National
June 17th-19th - Knockhill
July 22th-24th - Brands Hatch GP
August 12th-14th - Thruxton
August 27th-29th - Cadwell Park
September 9th-11th - Snetterton 300
September 23th-25th - Oulton Park
September 30th–October 2nd - Donington Park GP
October 14th-16th - Brands Hatch GP

See: 2022 Bennetts British Superbike


ACU Club Motorcycle Sport Events:

A comprehensive guide to motorcycle sport events taking place throughout the UK can be found here: https://www.acu.org.uk/events  


Classic Racing Motorcycle Club 2022 dates:

April 16th-17th - Pembrey
May 7th-8th - Brands Hatch Indy
June 4th-5th - Anglesey Coastal
July 2nd-3rd - Cadwell Park
July 30th-31st - Donington Park National
September 3rd-4th - Snetterton 200
October 1st-2nd - Croft

See: https://www.crmc.co.uk/ 


June 2nd/3rd, Thu/Fri. LAHC East Kirkby Lanc & Tank Event. See: Lanc, Tank and Military Machines

June 4th/5th, Sat/Sun. Cadwell Park Historic Wolds Trophy. See: Historic Wolds Trophy

June 16th to 19th, Thursday to Sunday. Race The Waves. See: Race The Waves 2022

June 17th to 19th, Friday to Sunday. Buell Mid-Summer Meeting. Niedersachsen, Germany. See: www.msm.buell.de

June 18th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Buell/EBR Day. See: Buell/EBR Day 2022

June 24th to 26th. ABR Festival Weekend. See: Adventure Bike Rider Festival

June 25th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Breakfast Meet. See: 2022 Breakfast Meets

July 3rd, Sunday. Crich Classic Motorcycle Day. See: Classic Motorcycle Day

July 9th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Moto Guzzi Day. See: Moto Guzzi Day 2022

July 15th to 17th, Friday to Sunday. WSB Donington Park. See: https://www.worldsbk.com/en/event/GBR/2022 

July 16th, Saturday. LAHC East Kirkby Photo Day. See: Car & Motorcycle Photoshoot 

July 16th/17th, Sat/Sun. VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes. See: Festival of 1000 Bikes     

July 24th, Sunday. VMCC Founders Day. See: Founders Day

July 30th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Breakfast Meet. See: 2022 Breakfast Meets

July 30th/31st, Sat/Sun. Donington Park Classic Motorcycle Festival. See: CRMC Classic Motorcycle Festival

August 5th to 7th, Friday to Sunday. Moto GP Silverstone. See: https://www.motogp.com/en/event/Great+Britain 

August 6th, Saturday. LAHC East Kirkby Air Show. See: East Kirkby Air Show 2022

August 13th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Em's Day. See: Em's Day 2022

August 27th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Breakfast Meet. See: 2022 Breakfast Meets

September 3rd to 17th. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group European Tour. See: European Tour 2022

September 4th, Sunday. Copdock Motorcycle Show. See: Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club

September 24th, Saturday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Breakfast Meet. See: 2022 Breakfast Meets

September 28th, Wednesday. UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Mosquito HJ711 Experience Day. See: Mosquito HJ711 Day   

October 15th/16th, Sat/Sun. Stafford Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show. See: Stafford Classic Bike Shows

October 29th/30th, Sat/Sun. National Motorcycle Museum Live. See: Museum Live 2022

November 5th, Saturday. LAHC East Kirkby Fireworks Display. See: Fireworks & Night Taxi Runs

November 19th to 27th. Motorcycle Live NEC. See: Motorcycle Live 2022