V85TT 12,000 Mile Service.

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I changed both the front and rear brake fluids in June 2021 when the machine was 2 years old, mileage was 9,600.

Carried out during October 2021, the 12,000-mile service (@ 11,915) is the first routine engine maintenance work I’ve carried out on our 2019 V85TT. Like all our other motorcycles, now that this machine is out of warranty, where possible I will perform all service and repair work. The only time it will normally go to a dealer is to have the fuel injection system checked and set-up.

The first job was to replace the air filter. It isn’t difficult but the pictures below hopefully provide further clarity to the rather brief guide in the official Moto Guzzi service manual.

The valve clearance check itself is straightforward - one of the joys of the Moto Guzzi transverse V-twin layout. The Guzzi service manual states that the machine is put in first gear to turn the engine over but putting it in sixth gear makes the job far easier.

There’s a HT cable guide fastened to the rear of the rocker cover which can make things a bit fiddly because it grips the cable so firmly. A smear of silicon grease on the HT cable helps it to slide through this guide when removing and refitting the rocker cover. To improve clearance between the rocker cover and the fuel tank side panels I found that removing the rear fuel tank fastener allows it to be raised by about 10mm. The rocker cover seal is a reusable item.

When measured the valve clearances were found to be out of spec:
Left intake = .14mm, set to .10mm. Left exhaust = .29mm, set to .15mm.
Right intake = .16mm, set to .10mm. Right exhaust = .30mm, set to .15mm.

I used the following torque figures: spark plugs with anti-seize 14Nm. Rocker cover screws, M6, 3 off, 10Nm. M5, 4 off, 5Nm.

Shortly after buying this machine in 2019, we also bought a set of Lincoln Eagle Engineering’s stainless steel rocker cover fasteners. These are superb quality, and we can recommend this product as a replacement for the standard zinc plated fastener. See their website for more details: http://www.lincolneagle.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=491858       

‘Small block’ engine oil and filter change is per V85TT service manual. As with Jane’s currently owned 135,600-mile Breva 750 and 35,200-mile V7 750, I use 12Nm as the torque figure for both the sump drain plug and the oil filter bolt.

When refitting the sump guard use Loctite 243 blue on the 4 off M8 retaining bolts. The torque figure for these bolts when using Loctite is 14Nm.

Looking back through our records they show that Jane has now ridden over 209,000 miles on Moto Guzzi 750’s. Her first was a Nevada 750 which covered 39,000 miles before being part exchanged for the Breva 750. That’s over 40 small block engine oil and filter changes completed, with 2 more due soon.

Service parts were supplied by Gutsibits, see: www.gutsibits.co.uk