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Moto Guzzi V85TT Updates For 2021.

Nero Etna.

13th January, Piaggio Press Release.



2021 is an important time for Moto Guzzi as it celebrates its 100th birthday. A century of tradition, passion, great commercial and sporting success; one hundred years of magnificent motorcycles that have always been built in Mandello del Lario, combining the best technologies and the most valuable Italian manufacturing. Since 1921, these have been Moto Guzzi values.

Therefore, in observance of such a strong tradition, the V85TT was born, dedicated to adventurous trips, which have always been part of Moto Guzzi heritage, in their purest and most original conception, bringing to mind the strong image of desert competitions like the Paris–Dakar, the famous African race which experienced its glory days in the early ‘80s.

The fundamental concepts at the base of the V85TT are minimalism, ease and practicality, typical of enduro bikes from that decade that could be used to do anything, from daily commuting to adventurous travel, values that are being lost in an increasingly commercial market where the products proposed favour significant sizes and weights. Moto Guzzi V85TT has achieved the ambitious goal of combining a style based on bringing back those values with the equipment of a modern touring enduro. For this reason, it has earned the title of the first and only classic enduro on the market.

After the success achieved by the V85TT from critics and the general public since its début, for 2021, Moto Guzzi presents an updated version of its best seller, based on the requests of its fans. The improvements involve primarily the engine. The construction layout is still the exclusive one of all Moto Guzzi bikes currently in production: a 90° transversal, air-cooled V-twin with a pushrod and rockers timing system and two valves per cylinder (intake cylinders in titanium), the pride and tradition of the Mandello Eagle. The unit now has greater torque at low and medium rpm thanks to optimised lifting of the pushrod and rockers timing cams and a consequent adapting of the engine control electronics. The new spoked wheel rims now mount tubeless tyres: together, they guarantee about 1.5 kg lower weight, reducing the unsprung masses which benefits the already outstanding riding dynamic. As for the riding assist electronics systems, two new Riding Modes (Sport, suitable for more sporty riding and Custom, customisable) join the existing three (Strada - Street, Pioggia - Rain, Off-road) to manage traction control, ABS and the response of the Ride-by-Wire throttle. Cruise control and the colour TFT instrument panel also come standard. Using Moto Guzzi MIA, the Moto Guzzi multimedia platform optionally available in the vast range of accessories in the dedicated catalogue, you can connect your smart phone to the vehicle, extending the instrument panel’s functions.

The three versions of graphics available for the V85TT are also new: Nero Etna, Giallo Mojave and Rosso Uluru. 

The yellow and white scheme with a red frame remains, but the graphics themselves are new with the white and yellow parts reversed compared to last year’s version. New colours include a red-and-white option that’s similar to a colour option offered in 2019, while riders looking for a more subtle approach can opt for an all-black version of the bike. 

V85TT Travel receives all the technical upgrades of the V85TT; as in the past, its complete equipment package makes it stand out, preparing it for any trip and including a Touring windscreen, side panniers from the Urban series with high cargo capacity and reduced lateral bulk, the pair of supplementary LED lights and the set of adjustable heated hand grips, as well as the Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia platform.

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  • Giallo Mojave.

  • Rosso Uluru.

Winter Project: 70,000-mile XB12X Ulysses. Buell Parts Jersey HD.

After an 18-month sabbatical our 70,402-mile 2008 XB12X Ulysses will be returned to the road in 2021 using Buell parts supplied by Jersey HD.

Jersey HD have provided excellent service to the UK Buell Enthusiasts Group over many years and we can recommend them wholeheartedly.

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Jersey HD – Online Parts.
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National Motorcycle Museum 2021 Winter & Recovery Appeal Raffles.

2021 Winter Raffle, 1st prize brand new/old stock 1979 Triumph T140D Bonneville Special motorcycle, which has never been run or registered, and is showing just 11 ’push’ miles only!”

The funds raised will go directly towards reopening the museum for a limited number of days each week sometime early in 2021.

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2021 ‘Museum Triumph Over Adversity Recovery Appeal Raffle’, chance to win one of three stunning Triumph Motorcycles:

1st Prize: Brand new 2021 Triumph Trident 660cc motorcycle. Stunning new model donated by our friends at Triumph Motorcycles.

2nd Prize: 1978 Triumph Trident T160 750cc motorcycle. Low mileage and only one previous owner.

3rd Prize: 1956 Triumph Tiger T100 500cc motorcycle. Fresh from a partial restoration in the museum’s own workshop.

The prize draw for the “Triumph Over Adversity” appeal raffle will take place on Friday 25th June 2021 at The National Motorcycle Museum.

Please note that this second Covid-19 appeal raffle is separate to their normal winter raffle which gives you the chance to win a new/old stock Triumph T140D Bonneville.

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