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Projects see: Buell Parts & Service Resource + Guzzi Parts & Service Resource 


102,000 mile report: Breva V1100 

LAHC East Kirkby Air Show, Saturday 7th August.

Em's Day 2021: Saturday 14th August.

See: Em's Day 2021 (Online tickets now available)

Event timetable confirmed 27th July:

10.00am Start

11.00am Avro Lancaster Taxi-Run/Engine Display

1.30pm Avro Lancaster Taxi-Run/Engine Display

4.00pm Avro Lancaster Taxi-Run/Engine Display

5.00pm Finish

  • Event Poster.

  • UK Buell Enthusiasts Group events team: Karen, Jane and Shabs.

Great Wold-Valley Run, East Yorkshire, Sunday 22nd August.

Project: 70,000 Mile XB12X Ulysses + Buell Parts Jersey HD.

After a long sabbatical our 70,402-mile 2008 XB12X Ulysses will be returned to the road in 2021 using Buell parts supplied by Jersey HD.

See: Buell XB12X Ulysses

Jersey HD have provided excellent service to the UK Buell Enthusiasts Group over many years and we can recommend them wholeheartedly.

Other Buell parts suppliers are available. Details below taken from: Buell Parts & Service Resource

Jersey HD – Online Parts.
Tel: 01524 855 601.
VAT-free Buell parts. This equates to a 16.7% discount.

The first issue of our American Thunder newsletter.


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